Rideshares: Riding the River of Fire

There are always cars traveling any major road in the United States, day or night.

The vast majority of these cars are currently running on combustion engines, flying over the roads powered by a series of tiny controlled explosions. And many of these cars are driven by only one person. Yet they have the capacity to carry many passengers.

If you care about cutting down on polluting the air with exhaust and carbon emissions, you may have entertained the notion of never flying in an airplane again and only walking and using your bicycle. Yet, there is currently a vast river of fire out there, and it’s always moving in whatever direction you care to go.

With rideshares and planning ahead to coordinate rides, we make more efficient use of this resource.

The Bow

Eyes. Horizon. Look down. Look up.

There are at least six kinds of bow.

1. A device for launching arrows with the force from a flexed piece of wood, bone, fiberglass, or other material drawn under tension from the pull of an archer upon its cord.

2. The front of a boat.

3. What some people tie around a gift or their heads or their throats to be classy at a party.

4. A stick with horse hair drawn across strings of an instrument to produce music.

5. A gesture of respect.

6. The handle or “fingerle” of a key.

Today, I will talk about #5. There is something amazing that happens when you incorporate a bow into your daily life, at meals or at the beginning and end of gatherings. I’m not quite sure how it works, but it brings everyone together in a neat way. Suddenly everyone is paying attention to each other and to their surroundings. It is a good way to appreciate the moment.

You bow momentarily when you sit down to write. Become aware of this next time. To what or to whom do you bow? What is the intention you set? You bow again when you stand up. How do you feel and what do you understand or appreciate that you may have missed before?

Thank you for your attention.