If you like to ride a bicycle, here’s a website that might save your life.

I ride my bicycle every day, to and from work, even in the winter. My girlfriend told me about studded tires, from Finland, that I picked up at Northampton Bike Shop. Before I got them, at the beginning of winter, I skidded out on some ice at the school where I work and fell down. Thankfully, as I wasn’t going very fast, I suffered only from a slightly bruised ego. After getting the tires, I have been able to bike over icy patches and still maintain traction — they’re great! They definitely slow you down a bit because they are so grippy, but if you’re riding shorter distances in places with ice and snow, they are definitely worth the expense.

And now, here’s a link to what I hinted at in the title of this post:


This website has some excellent riding tips, complete with diagrams, that might even save your life. I highly recommend reading it if you bike at all.