Water in motion is never level.

You love water. And you’re about 70% water, just like the surface of Earth. Yet sometimes, when you feel turbulence in your life, you forget that movement requires an imbalance. In order to move forward, you must tip the glass. The water tilts and rolls forward over itself, just as you fall forward when you walk.

Water in motion is never level. If you feel disconcerted when you are moving forward, remember that it’s natural to feel unsettled sometimes when moving. Every motion slopes. Even a wheel with a steady axle or a boat with a steady keel has slope built-in. Even the best of us sometimes feel a bit motion sick. But moving can also be exhilarating. And you are water in motion. Enjoy the ride.

(HT to Jayne D. for the quote as written in the title and Marianne Moore for the poem.)